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Comprehensive managed security and compliance services
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For businesses of up to 1,000 employees, the risk of a data breach is 80.2 percent, which is 35 percent higher than the risk for large organizations. This high risk is because cybercriminals often attack small- and mid-sized businesses to launch attacks against other, larger targets. In addition to their own data, most small businesses have access to partners’ computer systems and access to their valuable data and intellectual property.

CYBERShark takes BlackStratus’ proven security and compliance platform, trusted by thousands of customers, and delivers it at a fraction of the cost in the cloud.

Build a sustainable security as a service business without investing in expensive infrastructure. By white-labeling the CYBERShark service, you benefit from all the capabilities of complex hardware appliances and security analysts without the maintenance and labor costs. Help your customers reduce risk, respond to threats faster, achieve compliance and ensure continuity with CYBERShark.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever before in our data-driven world. More than 60 percent of small businesses close within six months of experiencing a data breach due to exorbitant financial losses, and even large corporations experience breaches on an annual basis. For small businesses, the solution is  BlackStratus.

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