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Safe guarding your

organization from

cyber attacks

You focus on operations, we take care of the rest.

Cybersecurity risks are certainly real and the odds of an attack continue to climb.  It is imperative that organizations stay proactive and have a Cyber Security Risk Management Plan which includes a clear understanding of their data and critical infrastructure. 


This comprehensive process includes a regular, third-party assessment of the environment to help continuously identify new risks and mitigate them. 


In-house leadership, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and IT managers are already struggling to fight fires and maintain operations.  They certainly understand the inherent risks of cyber attacks, but in most cases, because of lack of resources or being too closely tied to the environment, they inadvertently miss something. 


Our goal is to work with these teams to create a vision based on a larger organizational perspective of Risk Management. 

Our approach

As a strategic partner, we work with you to maximize the value of your business by safeguarding critical resources, enhancing decision making, reducing process inefficiencies and optimizing talent and resources.



Project kickoff

 Introductions, executive summaries, scopes and deliverables, roles and responsibilities, timelines, communications, meeting plans.




Site survey, interview personnel, collect documents, internal/external network scan, and internet reconnaissance



Risk analysis

Perform reviews of discovery information and compare to security best practices (threats, gaps, and business impact analysis.)




Presentation and written security assessment report and remediation plan.


Security assessment over 1 year old?

Get your free 30 day assessment.

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