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HIPAA Consulting

and Training

Are you compliant?

Employees in your office have the most crucial role, to keep your office compliant with HIPAA privacy rules. This includes physically keeping patient files secure, as well as digital files.

The HIPAA security rule applies to electronic patient records, and keeping them safe with external or internal storage and during transit. Electronic patient records are typically stored on computer hard drives, disks, digital memory data, and networks. All of these methods of storage must remain HIPAA compliant at all times.

There are penalties for accidentally or knowingly releasing patient records. This could lead to fines, termination of employment, office closures, and even jail time. Therefore, it’s very important for each employee if your office to fully understand the HIPAA rules & regulations.

Additional HIPAA security rules can be found here.

Comprehensive managed security and compliance services at a low monthly cost

  • If your Security Risk Assessment is done by the same people that provide your day to day Technology operations, call us today to mitigate the risk and work with us.

  • If your Security Risk Assessment is over a year old, call us to schedule a free 30-Day assessment.

  • If you received your OCR and CMS Pre-Audit survey, call us yesterday.

  • If you are a current IT service Provider looking to protect your client’s Cyber Security Posture, call us today to partner with you.

  • If you need help with HIPAA consulting and or training, schedule a time for a free consult.  



Is your business safe?

75% of all hacking is deliberately targeted at small and mid-size companies.

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