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About Us

Key Cyber Solutions provides seamless, efficient, and effective IT solutions for the government and healthcare industries in the United States.


     Key Cyber Solutions is based out of Richmond, Virginia. We are a HubZone certified IT consulting firm that specializes in  agile software development servicesprogram management and infrastructure servicescyber security and cloud and managed services for both government and healthcare organizations.

    Our client's success is our top priority. At KCS, we value the long-term relationship that we establish with our clients, becoming the virtual extensions of their organizations. 

     KCS was conceived with an entrepreneurial spirit that sets aim towards customer satisfaction. We incubate the leadership qualities in our employees by promoting entrepreneurial ventures while combining strong technical credentialing and innovative business planning. 

     We have invested in sustaining an infrastructure that is reflected in our network of people, processes, technology. These investments enhance the productivity rate per employee while significantly reducing project-centric risks for our clients. 


Of our HubZone employees gained practical knowledge while going to school and working at KeyCyber


Of our employees were able to leverage KeyCyber experience in their future endeavors

"We were conceived with an entrepreneurial spirit that sets aim toward customer satisfaction.  We incubate the leadership attributes of our employees by promoting entrepreneurial ventures, and combine that with strong technical credentialing and innovative business planning."

AJ Mojaddidi, 
CEO and founder,
Key Cyber Solutions

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