Developers Corner Episode 2: The Adventure Begins

The company I work full time for recently did their annual reviews, which means we had to set our sights on a new horizon of goals. This year was abnormal, by that I mean normally we are encouraged by management to pursue particular goals. This year we were given independence and were asked to come up with a few team goals and a personal goal or two. Goal - the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. I believe goals should be like the highest shelf of your pantry, hard to reach and providing a similar sense of accomplishment as finally making contact with the seemingly impossible to reach China. When originally tasked with this blog there were a few requests on top

Using GitHub to keep your code impenetrable.

If you work in the programming field you are no stranger to version control systems and how crucial they are to successful projects. Git completely revolutionized the scene when it made its appearance in early April, 2005. In fact you'd be hard pressed to find a tech shop that's not using it as their primary version control system these days. With this sweep many companies and individuals needed remote repositories to store their code. GitHub was quick to fill this need and became by far the most popular choice. GitHub is currently the largest of many code repository sites with more than 24 million users and 69 million repositories. While doing some research on what to make the next blog pos

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