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KCS Provides NIST Cyber Security Famework (CSF) Based Risk Assessments

Cyber risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing evaluating, and addressing your organization's cyber security threats. The first part of any cyber risk management program is a cyber risk assessment. According to Commerce Deputy Secretary Don Graves, “Every organization needs to manage cyber security risk as a part of doing business, whether it is in industry, government or academia. It is critical to their resilience and to our nation’s economic security.”

A tool developed to help organizations secure their business is the NIST Cyber Security Framework which was initially introduced in 2014 and recently updated in an Executive Order by President Biden, offers guidance to secure networks and software applications and provides a common language to address and cost-effectively manage cyber risk based on business needs.

Key Cyber Solutions (KCS) offers risk assessments that identify the most critical business assets and offers reports with countermeasures for protection by performing reviews of discovery information and applying security best practices (threats, gaps, and business impact analysis) based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Our security risk assessment will help your business discover:

· Your most critical assets;

· Events that could impact those assets;

· Vulnerabilities posing the most risks to internal and external assets and;

· The impact and likelihood of those weaknesses being exploited.

Contact us to maximize the value of your business and safeguard critical resources, enhance decision-making, reduce process inefficiencies and optimize talent and resources.


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