Zoom vs. Google Meet - From an Ethical Hacker's Perspective, Which is More Secure? (It's Google)

Before jumping into this, for security reasons detailed below (and because nobody likes click-bait), I'm just going to tell you immediately to use Google Meet as of today. Read my blog below for all the details I could compile from the web today. It's complicated, but to summarize, Zoom has a sketchy past, and while they've certainly made several improvements, Google Meet was built initially to meet strict business needs and regulations through as an offering through GSuite. The only redeeming factor I can find for Zoom currently is that you can host larger meetings. It is not the most secure option, and, out of the two, for the reasons given in my blog below, I have to recommend the use of

10 questions to my Mentor Mark Orlando-CEO Bionic Cyber

Key Cyber Solutions (KCS) is committed to developing future leaders interested in pursing careers in technology. As part of our outreach and development activities, we are featuring a series of interviews from experienced mentors who work with students and persons new to the Information Systems industry. In this article, we are excited to have Mark Orlando, CEO of Bionic Cyber, provide insights on preparing for and paving a pathway to a successful career in Cyber Security. Please check back regularly for new features and updates regarding Key Cyber Solutions mentoring opportunities. 1.     How did you get started in your profession or what sparked you interest in your career path? After a lo

People, Process or Technology...Which is more important?

If you have been in the corporate world or in the technology field, I am sure you have inevitably seen the three overlapping circles that show the famous jargon term of people, process and technology. An example of this is on the cover of this blog. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, I start to have an uneasy feeling when I see another slick powerpoint presentation that is done by a high paid consultant who has gotten his masters in powerpoint and/or spends hundreds of dollars on high paid infographics. Don't mean to knock on nice infographics as most people are visual learners including myself. It's just as I am getting older and wiser or you can even say more jaded, I am sk

The Role of Ethical Hackers in DevSecOps - Development Alongside Offensive Security Measures

My goal here is to provide a high-level overview of the importance of ethical hackers within DevSecOps methodologies, as well as practically explain the methodology itself. You would think that, by today, most organizations and agencies have implemented DevSecOps (or at least a similar security-centric development model) in one way or another, but that is surprisingly not always the case. As a security professional, I have been stunned more than once to witness the lack of basic security considerations even as far as basic vulnerability scanning or secure coding methodologies. These critical discoveries are primarily responsible for my shift from an analyst to a penetration tester/ethical ha

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