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Top 10 Signs You've Married an IT Professional

10.) Your spouse is bilingual. “Geek Speak” is spoken so fluently in your household that you contemplate publishing your own version of Rosetta Stone. Not that you would know the translations or anything.

9.) You have endless stacks of computer towers, laptops, broken tablets and monitors that they promise they’ll “get around to” when they have time.

8.) You have thought about just putting a large drop off bin in front of your house for family members, friends, neighbors, your podiatrist, your mailman and everyone else that has hinted that they need to have their computer looked at.

7.) When Apple announces a new iOS update, it might as well be the equivalent of Christmas morning.

6.) They have received a phone call from an end user during a major holiday. #XmasDinner #GameofThronesPremiere

5.) You have perfected the art of smiling and nodding after asking about their day and having no bloody idea what they’re talking about.

4.) You’ve learned not to get excited anymore when they come home from work and tell you they’ve earned a cache bonus.

3.) They prefer you use the term “system upgrade” when referring to their birthday.

2.) Their smartphone has made so many appearances at the dinner table, that you’ve named it Earl and it has its own assigned seat, table setting and food aversions (asparagus, chicken).

1.) They’ve woken up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night shouting, “did you try rebooting it?!”

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