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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Do you have the resources and processes in place to document policies, procedures, and due diligence? How much security is enough?

How well your organization and manages information security programs, is critical to its ability to reduce risk and improve control effectiveness, security, and compliance. By adopting procedures for Governance, Risk, and Compliance, documented policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities are developed to provide strategic direction for security activities and to ensure that cybersecurity objectives are met.

Key Cyber Solutions (KCS) provides consulting services for compliance implementation through an integrated and unified approach that reduces the ill effects of organizational silos and redundancies to safeguard all types of protected data and ensure proper strategy and execution of plans.


Using a top-down approach, KCS consultants will work with executive leadership to gather security concerns and lead discussions that encourage feedback from members at all levels within the organization. This will provide a broad sampling of all risks and vulnerabilities. Our consultants will collect the feedback to produce a functional governance model developed from a collaboration between all members of the executive team while acting as a check and balance throughout departments.


After the identification of risks from the top-down, KCSs leverages its extensive experience helping organizations develop processes to mitigate risks and vulnerabilities. All risks and vulnerabilities discovered will be assigned individual ratings with an attached action plan for mitigation.


KCS can help compliance frameworks make the most sense for your organization by defining your organizational information security structure and strategy, create a prioritized information security program roadmap, and establish, review and update security policies and procedures.

Our team provides the due diligence required for promoting adherence to common industry regulations and frameworks including HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, CMMC, and others. This includes organizational change management controls that will support structural or operational adjustments based on the frameworks selected.

Let KCS help to drive the direction of your IT security and business needs to craft higher-level policies that improve return on investment and positively impact business operations to demonstrate adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. For all GRC engagements, our team evaluates the situation and makes recommendations for the right solutions to fit your environment and needs.

Contact us at, for more information. Our consulting team is standing by to learn more about your business needs and goals and to develop a customized Governance strategy that exposes risk, aligns resources, and implements solutions by offering recommendations for the right security products and systems.


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