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Top Cybersecurity Firm Hacked

FireEye, on of the largest U.S based cybersecurity firms, with more than 3,000 employees and revenues exceeding $800M in 2019, disclosed that it was the victim of a threat actor attack. The recent FireEye breach that occurred late Tuesday afternoon is a huge issue for Government agencies and may have far reaching impact within both Federal and commercial spaces. From information released to the press, the attack appears to be FireEye specific and was created to evade FireEye detection to obtain enough intelligence to launch a larger attack. FireEye has started countermeasures to mitigate the impact of the breach but the reach and overall impact of the compromised data caused the company's stock prices to fall 7% following the news of the attack.

For more information about the breach and how FireEye is Responding to the incident,

read the article released by the Associated Press, "Cybersecurity firm FireEye Says was Hacked by Nation State”.


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