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Addressing CISA's Response to COVID

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), is the nation’s risk advisor for the Nation responsible for improving cyber and infrastructure security for the federal government and commercial industry. Guidelines for addressing the migration of remote operations for many organizations require the increased use of technologies including cloud computing, VPN and virtual dashboards. To mitigate the impact that COVID has on business and governmental operations, CISA has developed several measures as standards to protect critical systems and to ensure operations and services continue uninterrupted. CISA addresses the impact on performance due to the significantly increased use of information technology resources and sudden influx of remote workers which results in increased threats, risks and bandwidth needed to protect business continuity.

The CISA Coronavirus webpage provides a one-stop resource for information regarding how the Federal government is responding to current and emerging coronavirus related concerns and provides answers and links to resources and recommendations to address top security concerns to include:

  • securing remote access;

  • mitigating increased fraud and malware threats;

  • assessing new suppliers and security standards;

  • protecting critical information systems and continuity;

  • and refactoring security program priorities and architectures.

Key Cyber Solutions (KCS) has the knowledge and expertise to implement the latest CISA recommendations and practices to ensure commercial and Federal IT infrastructures are secured and protected against adversaries hoping to take advantage of the increased cyber activity. KCS is also able to train IT professionals and users to identify vulnerabilities and prevent the dissemination of false narratives and misinformation regarding threats. If your company needs assistance tracking current IT systems to ensure adherence to the latest CISA standards, contact Key Cyber Solutions for a security assessment and solutions to address and neutralize vulnerabilities to protect sensitive data and critical systems. satisfactory address security concerns to the lasted CISA standards. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable cyber professionals is poised to implement a customized security plan to provide increased security and protection.


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